LV Latviski

Urban Experiences: Narratives, Memories and Place Heritage

Funded by: Latvian Council of Science

Project No: lzp-2020/1-0096

Project leader: Dr. philol. Gatis Ozoliņš

Project implementation: 2021–2023.

Project team: Gatis Ozoliņš, Ieva Vīvere (Tihovska), Rita Treija, Una Smilgaine, Elīna Gailīte, Justīne Jaudzema, Aigars Lielbārdis.

Ex team members: Sanita Reinsone, Māra Vīksna

The aim of the project is to document and interpret current urban narratives as an important part of the city’s culture, history and development. By use of differentiated methodological approach, the local heritage and identities in a modern urbanised world will be explored by studying narrated experiences and self-documentation of the city dwellers and cultural practices of local communities. Geographically, the project focuses on Pārdaugava – the historical Riga’s district of the left bank of Daugava which faces substantial changes recently in terms of city development and citizen activism.

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