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Seminars on disciplinary history

Pēckara tekstu lasīšana

Latvian folkloristics (1945-1985) research group launches Post-war Archive – a series of reading seminars dedicated to theoretical landscape of the discipline after the World War II. Seminars are intended as micro-studies of history of knowledge production, investigating reflexive links between academic statements, cultural trends, and political agendas.

Disciplinary histories are dominated by post-factual approach to theories of past and their uses. We are intended to reverse this approach by reconstructing the initial field of possibilities and taking it as a starting point towards the understanding of today.Acknowledging the success of New Historicism, each seminar will feature two texts. One directly related to theoretical side of disciplinary history and the other one representing milieu of its creation.

The first seminar on February 14 will be on late Stalinism. Texts discussed will be ‘Aims of ethnographers and folklorists in the light of decision of 7th September 1953 of Soviet Union Communist Party Central Committee general meeting’ by Arturs Ozols (in Latvian) and “On new man” by Maxim Gorky (in Russian).

Support is provided by Latvian Science council project Nr. lzp-2018/2-0268. Regarding further details please contact researcher Toms Ķencis

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