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Language and Culture in the Digital Age // UL 80th Conference Session

On 30 March 2022, the 80th International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia will host the session "Language and Culture in the Digital Age".

The session is dedicated to digital humanities and resource development, as well as to the role, use and research of language and culture in today's digital world.

Organisers: Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, Livonian Institute of the University of Latvia,

Sessions programme.

Join conference here: platform ZOOM 10:00-15:30.

The Section is organised within the framework of the projects "Digital Resources for Humanities: Integration and Development" (VPP-IZM-DH-2020/1-0001) and "Multifunctional dictionary of Livonian" (VPP-LETONIKA-2021/2-0002).

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