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ILFA Joins DARIAH as a Cooperating Partner

The Institute for Literature, Folklore and Art (ILFA) at the University of Latvia has recently become a Cooperating Partner of the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH-EU). This partnership marks an important milestone for ILFA as the first research organization from the Baltic States to join DARIAH.

DARIAH is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) that aims to empower research communities by providing them with digital methods to create, connect, and share knowledge about culture and society. With 20 member states and one observer country, DARIAH has also established a network of cooperating partners in non-member countries, and ILFA is now a proud addition to this network.

ILFA is renowned for its innovative research and collaborative networks in cultural studies and humanities. Additionally, ILFA develops digital resources for humanities and art studies and actively promotes digital humanities in Latvia. ILFA's cooperation with DARIAH will grant them access to valuable data and tools for humanities research, strengthen their participation in international digital humanities networks, and contribute to the development of digital humanities in Latvia.

Through its partnership with DARIAH, ILFA aims to further strengthen its research capabilities, expand its international collaborations, and promote the development of digital humanities in Latvia. DARIAH, on the other hand, values ILFA's expertise in crowdsourcing and looks forward to leveraging their experience for their own initiatives. This collaboration not only benefits ILFA and DARIAH but also enhances the digital humanities landscape in the wider Baltic region.

Learn more about ILFA's participation as a Cooperating Partner on the DARIAH website.

Last time modified: 24.05.2023 15:21:09