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Focus of the Year: Traditions and Power

Traditions and Power

Organized by the Archives of Latvian Folklore, the annual scientific conference commemorating the Father of Latvian Folksongs, Krišjānis Barons, was held on last two days of October. Critically celebrating the Centenary of Independent Republic of Latvia, the multidisciplinary conference was dedicated to relationships between traditions and power, with an emphasis of less-researched years of the Soviet occupation (1944-1990). The conference featured 20 presentations, including also a plenary lecture on "Traditionality and the Language of Ontological Insecurity" by sociologist Mārtiņš Kaprāns and a guest lecture from Estonian researcher Ave Goršič titled "Presented by the Fourth Estate: Folklore and Traditional Culture as a Tool for State and Ideology".

A majority of the presentations were dedicated to disciplinary history, covering a broad range of subjects from editions of folktales and national ornament to Soviet traditional costumes. Similarly, several scholars presented their findings on the most current developments of traditions, like new festivities, changes of folk festivals and contemporary folk medicine. Counting both viewers of online live broadcast and attendants at the event venue, each day of the conference was attended by about 200 persons, thus twice surpassing expected numbers.

During the conference, the most recent volume 11 (part I) of the academic edition, "Latvian Folksongs", was opened. The conference was supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation, the National Library of Latvia, and the University of Latvia.

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