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Call for Papers: Socialist Folkloristics: A Disciplinary Heritage

Are you working on the post-war disciplinary history of folkloristics or related discipline in the former Soviet Union or the Socialist Bloc countries? Please consider contributing a draft of original research article to the international, peer reviewed, and SCOPUS or Web of Science indexed volume in summer 2020. The collection of articles will be prepared by the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia.

In order to maximize the impact of research dedicated to disciplinary histories of the previous Socialist world and establish new networks within the field, an interdisciplinary, international conference will be organized on 29-31 October 2020 in Riga, Latvia.


31.01.2020. - send to

- your name, surname and a short bio,

- title of your article and keywords,

- concept or summary of the article (up to 350 words);

17.02.2020. – notice of acceptance and further information;

20.06.2020. - 7000–10000 words long original article in English;

Fall 2020 – peer-review and editing.

In both publication and live discussions, our special interest lies in, but is not limited to such issues as:

• The impact of the Socialist heritage on the development of folkloristics in the post-Socialist countries;

• The role of the Socialist regimes of knowledge in organization of folklore archives, ethnographic collections and other institutional representations of folk life;

• The contribution of folkloristics and related disciplines to resistance and dissent in the former USSR and the Soviet bloc countries;

• The parameters of transnational post-socialist disciplinary history of folklore;

• History of folkloristics and ethnography in the light of Soviet post-colonialism;

• The interaction of folklorists and ethnographers through the Iron Curtain;

Influential theories and source publications in the Socialist folkloristics.

Let’s make 2020 a new milestone in the research of disciplinary histories!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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