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CFP: Socialist Folkloristics. A Disciplinary Heritage

The international conference "Socialist Folkloristics: A Disciplinary Heritage" will take place on 28–31 October 2020 in Riga, Latvia.

You can apply until May 1, 2020 by sending to abstract of your presentation, no longer than 200 words, professionally edited for publishing; BIO, stating your affiliations and interests in no more than 50 words.

Our particular interest lies in but is not limited to such issues as:
• The impact of the Socialist heritage on the development of folkloristics in the post-Socialist countries;
• The role of the Socialist regimes of knowledge in the organization of folklore archives, ethnographic collections and other institutional representations of folklife;
• The contribution of folkloristics and related disciplines to resistance and dissent in the former USSR and the Soviet bloc countries;
• History of folkloristics and ethnography in the light of Soviet postcolonialism.

In Riga you will experience:

• Opening at Archives of Latvian Folklore;
• A plenary lecture by Dr. Ingrid Slavec Gradišnik (Institute of Slovenian Ethnology, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts);
• Two days of presentations;
• A field trip to the socialist past.

Answer from organizers: May 15

Participation fee: 50/70 EUR

The conference is organized by the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (University of Latvia)

Project: Latvian folkloristics (1945–1985), No. lzp-2018/2-0268

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