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Baltic Digital Humanities Forum to Convene in Riga

The Baltic Digital Humanities Forum, a key event for the digital humanities community in the Baltic region, will take place next week, on 25–26 April. Hosted by the University of Latvia in its new Academic Center, the DH Forum brings together researchers and practitioners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries, and provides a platform to explore the development and impact of digital humanities (DH) in the field of humanities. As digital humanities are becoming an increasingly important part of the region's academic landscape, this forum is an important venue for discussion and networking among the growing Baltic digital humanities communities.

The first day of the Baltic DH Forum will feature a series of enlightening sessions with prominent speakers from the Baltic digital humanities research communities, representatives from national ministries and key European infrastructures in humanities – CLARIN ERIC and DARIAH-EU. These sessions are designed to provide a nuanced exploration of the evolution of Baltic digital humanities over recent decades, examine the impact of research infrastructures on the growth of the humanities, and discuss future directions for the field. The first two sessions will be available to a broader audience via live stream (University of Latvia Livestream Channel).

On the second day, the focus will shift towards a more interactive format. Forty-five research teams from three Baltic States and a few other countries will take the opportunity to present their digital humanities projects, showcase newly developed digital resources and tools, and introduce various educational initiatives, from online training platforms to summer schools and higher education modules.

Additionally, the Forum will host two specialised workshops. The first, on April 25th, will feature the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH-EU), exploring its contribution to enhancing research in these fields. The second workshop, scheduled for the morning of April 26th, will focus on language technologies in higher education. It will highlight the Language Technology Initiative, a project coordinated by the University of Latvia, and discuss collaboration in higher education with language technology experts from Lithuania and Estonia.

More details on the event can be found on the event's official website:

The Baltic DH Forum is a collaborative effort led by the program committee comprised of researchers from all three Baltic countries and organized in partnership with CLARIN ERIC and DARIAH-EU. The event is supported by the Language Technology Initiative (, funded by the European Union and the National Development Plan, and the project "Towards Development of Open and FAIR Digital Humanities Ecosystem in Latvia" (VPP-IZM-DH-2022/1-0002) funded by the Latvian Council of Science. The event is also supported by State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.

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