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Baltic Belles: The Dedalus Book of Latvian Women's Literature

Dedalus Books Ltd has published an anthology of Latvian women's short fiction, compiled and foreworded by Eva Eglāja-Kristsone, senior researcher at ILFA.

This anthology spans more than a century, from the end of the 19th-century to the present day.

It is a period marked by change, war, occupying regimes, and renewed freedom. Much of the early work written by Latvian women writers such as Anna Rumane-Kenina, Angelika Gailite, Anna Brigadere, Alija Baumane, and Mirdza Bendrupe is realist in nature, depicting an upheaval of mores and relationships forged not through tradition, but the pangs of love and passion.The Soviet era brought strict censorship to all forms of the arts, including literature.Despite this, authors like Regina Ezera were able to push their craft deeper into the psychological analysis of their characters. On the other side of the Iron Curtain, US-based Latvian exile writer Ilze Skipsna forged ahead with her own version of the psychological short story.

The work of authors such as Andra Neiburga, Gundega Repse and Nora Ikstena in the late 80s and early 90s heralded a new era of female writers in a country yearning for its freedom which it finally achieved. Authors who appeared after the millennium like Inga Abele, and Inga Zolude, who have shaped and continue to shape contemporary Latvian literature, round out this collection.

The stories have been translated by Ieva Lešinska, Žanete Vēvere, Māra Rozīte, Laura Adlers and Susan McQuade.

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