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Life Writing Collections: Practice and Challenges

Workshop "Life Writing Collections: Practice and Challenges" is the second episode in a workshop series dealing with the Nordic and Baltic life writing. Its aim is to acknowledge experiences and discuss strategies for creating and managing life writing collections.

The workshop will take place on 20 May 2021 (Thursday).


May 20, 2021


Introductory words

Kirsi Keravuori


Practice and challenges - and challenging - in collecting life writings at the Finnish Literature Society

Katri Kivilaakso


Letters and Life Stories in the Lithuanian Folklore Archives

Giedrė Šmitienė


Collecting Written Life Stories at the Estonian Literary Museum

Maarja Hollo


Life Story Collection at the Estonian National Museum

Leena Kurvert-Käosaar


Autobiography Collection of the Archives of Latvian Folklore

Sanita Reinsone, Ilze Ļaksa-Timinska, Justīne Jaudzema


Diary Day Project in Sweden

Gabi Louisedotter



This workshop is the second episode in the Nordic & Baltic life writing workshop series that will take place by the middle of June 2021 and will provide a floor for discussions on collecting, archiving and researching life-writing material.
Episodes of the Nordic and Baltic life writing are organized in a joint effort by the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (University of Latvia), Tartu University and Finnish Literature Society, supported by Nordic Culture Point and the Latvian Council of Science.

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