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Empowering knowledge society: interdisciplinary perspectives on public involvement in the production of digital cultural heritage

Empowering knowledge society: interdisciplinary perspectives on public involvement in the production of digital cultural heritage

Project No.:, Funded by European Regional Development Fund, 2014-2020

The Head of Project: Sanita Bērziņa-Reinsone

Goal: The project aims to carry out research on interaction dynamics of Digital Humanities and the development of knowledge society by developing a virtual research and involvement laboratory with integrated DH research and participatory tools. It aims also to involve society into joint knowledge production and to provide open access and convenient use of extensive humanities datasets for research, education and general purposes.

Date: 1 March 2017–31 August 2019


Read out Loud #1

The first crowdsourcing activity "Recite Veidenbaums!" within the project was devoted to the celebration of Latvian poet Eduards Veidenbaums (1986–1892) 150th birthday. From 01.09.2017–31.12.2017 society was encouraged to record its' favorite poem in the digital platform developed by ILFA. Digital platform was available in the web and in the recording cabine located in the atrium of the National Library of Latvia. "Recite Veidenbaums" also was an activity within the event "White night" – forum of the contemporary art. Results show the great society interest: during the activity period 1620 unique recordings of poems were uploaded in system. The most recorded poem was "Kā gulbji balti padebeši iet" (47 records). The favorite recording on the basis of votes by users was musical interpretation of poem "Iedzer brāli" by RobertsOGProductions. Best interpretations along with the recordings done by famous people (e.g. Minister of Culture Dace Melbārde, actor Andris Keišs, etc.) were compiled in playlists available at Youtube.

Notwithstanding that officially activity had been ended web version is still available.

Read out Loud #2

Second crowdsourcing activity "Let's read poems!" is aimed to children, their parents, as well schools and other education related institutions. From 01.09.2018–31.12.2018 society was encouraged to record its' favorite children's poem in the digital platform or in the recording cabine located in the National Library of Latvia. The goal of activity is to promote the children's reading skills and interest on poetry.

The most popular recorded poem is "Christmas Dwarf". Best interpretations are compiled in the Youtube playlist.

Read out Loud #3

Third crowdsourcing campaign "Sing with the Archives" aim is to popularize the archival sound recordings and explore contemporary interpretations of traditional music. The digital platform invites to listen to the archival songs, to add their cover versions to the old recordings and to vote for the new versions.

How did traditional music sound long ago and how does it sound today? The project invites you to learn some new songs from the Digital Archives of Latvian Folklore and sing, record, arrange, compose, and upload your own 'cover versions' to the Archive's audio collection. The selection of recordings complied for this campaign includes a rich variety of songs in terms of content, style, origin, and language – everyday songs and mythological songs, joyful songs and sorrowful songs, folk songs and popular songs in Latvian, Livonian, Belarussian, Russian, and Romani. All regions of Latvia, as well as Latvian villages in Siberia and Bashkiria are represented in the selection. The oldest recordings were made in the 1920s and 30s, and the newest are from the beginning of the 21st century.

Virtual ethnography and contemporary calendaric practices

Activities are aimed to create a unique data set on contemporary calendaric practises to research changes in celebration of different festivities, as well their importance in people's lives.

Data crowdsourcing is organised in two ways: 1) in questionnaires ( devoted to certain festivities, memorable days and events, etc.; 2) in calendar (, where person can mark dates and describe practices performed in his special days. As regards reaching of society activities are performed in close cooperation with one of the main news provides in internet

Up to now already more than 1000 participants has engaged at least in one of these activities.

On the basis of the answers on 15 questionnaires submitted during the first year of activity, preliminary analysis of data was performed and results are available there


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